Brexit होना तय. Brexit bill ( Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Bill ) approved by the British parliament


#BrexitBill ( Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Bill ) approved by the British parliament British lawmakers gave preliminary approval Friday to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill, clearing the way for the U.K. to leave the European Union next month. The House of Commons voted 358-234 for the #WithdrawalAgreement Bill. It will receive more scrutiny and possible amendment next month, and also has to be approved by Parliament’s upper chamber, the House of Lords. But Johnson’s commanding Conservative majority in Parliament means it is almost certain to become law in January. Britain will then leave the EU on Jan. 31. Johnson said Friday that passing the bill would end the “acrimony and anguish” that has consumed the country since it voted in 2016 to leave the EU. Opponents argue that leaving the EU will only trigger more uncertainty over Britain’s future trade relations with the bloc. Reference: UK lawmakers OK Johnson’s #Brexit bill, pave the way to exit EU Filmed this video in HD on this — Canon 700D with this lens — 10-18MM PRIME MIC — GORILLAPOD — OTHER MIC — OTHER GEAR — Canon 80D OTHER LENS — 50MM GREEN SCREEN — CAMERA SLIDER — OLD CAMERA– Follow me Twitter ➜ Facebook ➜ Instagram ➜ Support GyanJaraHatke By Becoming GyanJaraHatke Patreon Music:

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